Friday, April 26, 2013

Tote Tote

First time silkscreening on something other than paper (or book cover fabric)! I was very VERY nervous while printing. I still get super tense just silkscreening on paper! But a pretty nice turnout for a first time, I think. Only messed up on one! yeey. The design is from my sketchbook from last fall when senior year had just begun. Funny how different it looks from my recent works!

Speaking of which, a couple of new pieces up on my website! Senior year is (unofficially) over! I learned and grew so much this year. Thank you Jillian for really- everything. I am truly, truly grateful that I was able to take my portfolio class with such an incredible, talented, and caring instructor. I'm going to miss our class so much! :*(

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fortune Cookie Pop Up

"Suppose you can get what you want..."

I had a lot of fun with this one! I was especially fond of this piece because the format was like that of a picture book. Sure it's only 4 pages but... nevermind that!
There was a sense of thrill every time I finished gluing all the layers and pieces of a spread together and the page was complete. So so fun! Cutting out the pieces took a very, very long time especially because of the windows, but somehow it was annoying and fun at the same time. I always get a strange sense of enjoyment out of doing tedious work.. probably because they're somewhat mindless.. and therefore soothing?

Here's my favorite piece from this pop up. Didn't get much spotlight because that spread is horrible and I hate to show it :-x but..but.. he's too cute.