Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here's something!

I've been kind of neglecting this blog.. until I realized there were still people coming to read it?! And I felt bad because I wasn't posting anything new. I'm not a very good blogger :( but hey here's something! I've been meaning to post this one up but I somehow forgot about it (as always.)

The prototype:
it wouldn't be my work without a cat~

The illustrated image:

The finished version:
Had to slap on my info on the back cause the idea was to build a promo. naaaht very practical unless I were rich and owned my own printer& die cut machine! The finished version isn't too pretty because hand cutting thick color-printed cardstock just doesn't.. work. The rough white edges make me cringe x(


  1. omg love it! It seems hard to make, but did you send out at least few to ads?

    1. hehe thanks!! it's not that hard.. just the cutting is super tedious. the finish isn't polished enough for me to send it out so no :/