Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hide and Seek

Early last week I finished my 'Hide and Seek' pop up. tada! Printing was.. argeeewughggheoa... no surprise there. had to run around to several different printing places until I realized I was just wasting time and $$$. So I just worked with the best I got. Overall, it turned out pretty okay, I think. 

Would've definitely liked to add more to it though - more trees, more animals, more variety in terms of the mechanism. This pop up was so much more fun than the Rudolph one. Maybe it was because the mechanisms were far simpler, but I think it was because I was building a story as I was illustrating and constructing the pop up. So much more substance and layers- both figuratively and literally~
Pop up is sososo difficult. I really love building things and putting things together ..but actually creating the pieces myself? oy vey x(