Saturday, March 2, 2013

Firsts and Seconds

Last week I finally finished my first silkscreen book. It was my first time silkscreening so there were a lot of mishaps and many many.. many many many frustrating moments. I gotta admit I kind of hated this book from the beginning because I didn't like my illustration :$ We're starting our second book now so I'm trying to plan it better. This was our first book so it was more like a practice/learn the process type of thing. 

Right now I'm in the process of creating my second pop up project. I've gotten the prototype done so I just need to illustrate it and assemble the finished piece. This time I have to take care of the back art as well, which means I'll have to get the pieces printed double sided.. and from what I've previously dealt with at the local print services, it's going to be another frustrating-hair-pulling experience :( GAH how wish I had my own printer.

My first fully illustrated pop up was Rudolph. It wasn't until I finished the whole thing that I realized the image didn't make sense.. it's just a floating head and some landscape. I obviously wasn't thinking about the illustration portion when I was making the prototype. o0ops.

I haven't made that many pop ups yet - just a bunch of prototypes mostly - but from what I've done so far and seen others do, I really like the clean paper-only prototypes much better than the illustrated pop ups. meeh

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